Take your TV viewing experience up a notch

Posted: February 1, 2022

February is a busy month with 2 important holidays: Valentine’s Day and the Super Bowl. Okay, okay, we know that the Super Bowl isn’t considered an official holiday, but with all the hype that surrounds the game it feels like a holiday. Whether you’re celebrating both days or just one, we have the technology available to help you step up your game.  Planning a romantic Valentine’s date at home? We can work with you to create the ultimate home theater complete with surround sound and lighting to create the feeling of being at the theater. Hosting a watch party for the big game with your friends? Our multi-room video set up will help prevent you and your guests from missing the big plays or the funniest commercial while running to grab more food! Visit our website to explore all the possibilities for revamping your home.

Illuminate your house with Circadian Rhythm lighting

Did you know that our body has a natural alarm clock, known as the circadian rhythm? Circadian rhythm relies heavily on natural light to helps regulate your sleep/wake cycle and productivity. Experiencing a lack of natural light negatively effects your circadian rhythm, and as we all know from experience, living in Michigan it’s not uncommon to go through these winter months with only glimpses of sunlight exposure. Our Circadian Rhythm lighting system is designed to mimic the natural light given off by the sun. With this lighting system you’ll notice that throughout the day the intensity and hues of the light changing to replicate natural sunlight. This is why our Circadian Rhythm lighting system can be beneficial to have in your home, especially in the winter months, because it replicates the natural light needed to help keep your circadian rhythm on track.

Don’t forget about our support plans!

We are thrilled at the response to our new 24/7/365 Performance Plans. We can now take care of your system remotely around the clock. Updates, servicing, and maintenance - it's all possible without having to schedule a visit. Of course, sometimes we'll have to come over, but most support can be handled from our offices. Plans are optional... you can get us for service and pay as you go, like you have previously. But do take a look at our new 24/7/365 options - starting at only $30/month.

We're here and ready to support all of your technology needs. Visit us at istmi.com or contact the office at 888-774-7627 for upgrades, service and new builds or remodels, and we will quickly create your dream system.


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